Caz’s Testimony

Let me take you back to the recent harvest festival. I had only been sober for a few months and I was finding it hard. So off I went out for a walk to resist temptation! Going to a local supermarket to buy bread (it’s all I had money for), I bumped into Keddy outside from Bethel. I knew him but not from church, he said “how are you?”. Not a question that people want a reply to, “not very good”, I said, “no food no money, no hope.” “Come to church tonight we will help.”

So I did, well I met everyone and felt at home, so welcome as if we had met before, and the one name that stood out was Jesus. Pastor Mark gave me some food and a light at the end of the tunnel. I thought I will have to go back next week so they don’t think I only went for the food.

Then the third week I went with excitement wanting to go. Now 10 months as a recovering alcoholic I finally feel free and never have I felt God’s presence as much as at Bethel.

I will fill you in on my next chapter as God works through me, or come and chat to someone who really understands, meet “the family” who knows.

In Jesus name.


Caz’s Testimony part 2

Last Sunday I wanted to renew my faith. Now I am a different person so excited I nearly went to the front half way through the service, it had been on my mind so therefore in Gods hands. I thought of who to approach, I prayed, God told me Jacqui, a few people came up to Jesus last week, Joy and Janet came to pray, I thought go now go. I went to the front Jacqui came over as God told me to pray. I hear you now God or is it now I’m ready to listen. Every week I feel Pastor Mark is speaking personally to me, boats in or out, sandstorms throwing stones, reap what you sow, GPS. Go on then even Liverpool! Coming to this church I prayed to be like the woman I had seen, so close, so pure, so loving, the lady is Jacqui and now I stand next to her as now I know I am to saved. On Tuesday at coffee morning Mark said you will have to give us updates on your testimony. Wow I had so many worries owing my landlord £400 for over a year he was close to a notice to quit as Mark spoke if there’s a problem pray. if it comes back pray again. The next morning I received £2000 back pay from disabled payment, my home was safe. New bedding, something I had only been given before, clean bed, clean mind. The money over the last few days I would have normally spent on beer. I spent on babies. This box was given to me at Christmas full of books, socks, even bought all the children’s tooth brushes from my local chemist. And helped friends and people in our parish and told them like the advert on T.V. with the jeans. the banks says its on them as a thank you, well my gifts were on God. One guy he had no food, no electric just as I was at my beginning at Bethel God gave him a gift of £40 through me, he bought food and his lights came on just like mine. 

In the name of Jesus